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20 October 2016

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If you manage or own a BPO, chances are you’ve come across the term BPO service management. Put in a simple way, it means effectively managing the time of your workforce for higher customer satisfaction and greater employee engagement. Till recently, BPOs relied upon outdated technology to gather information on how their employees spent their time. Methods like swipe cards and timesheets work, but only up to a certain extent. The data is prone to errors, can be fudged and doesn’t give an accurate time spend. The absence of this visibility means missed SLAs, escalated manual supervisions costs, budgets spill overs, disgruntled customers and a drop in profitability. Which is why you need people analytics.

Sapience brings to the table its unique technology solution which empowers BPOs with the desired automated visibility and analytics, for both, individual and teams. With this people analytics designed for BPOs, organisations can now track transactions (volume, average elapsed time and touch time), and get accurate data on employee and team productivity.

This means:
Transparency: BPOs can now know, track and analyse data related to employees – actual work time and activity breakup). This work output tracking system can be used to make comparisons between employees and teams, and identify areas for improvements.

Predictability: You can get accurate visibility into daily operational data that can help set and achieve the best possible SLAs.

Cost: The time management software makes accurate tracking of time spent possible, allowing you to lower overtime costs. This allows BPOs to increase SLAs with the same team or meet SLAs with a smaller team. The number of floor managers required to supervise and analyse BPO performance reduces. The result is lower cost of operations.

BPOs operate on thin margins of cost and time, and with the Sapience BPO management system, it becomes possible to optimise key operational aspects, resulting in significantly improved profitability.

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